Monday, November 3, 2014

5 Feminist Ideals I Wish I'd Known In High School

  1.   Once you eliminate viewing other women as competition, you will be a much happier person. Ladies are constantly pitted against one another while our society simultaneously criticizes them for being "catty". What many of us fail to recognize is that girls are taught from a young age to see other women as a threat. And while a little friendly competition never hurt anyone, this kind of rivalry is for the attention of men, which isn't a healthy way to live. Does this mean you have to be best friends with every other girl merely because she is a female? Of course not. You won't get along with everyone you meet, but when you make the effort to stop seeing other women as "the enemy" it is a huge weight off of your shoulders.
  2. "Slut Shaming" will get you nowhere. I don't think anyone can honestly make the claim that they have never judged another woman based upon her sex life(or rumors about it), provocative fashion sense, etc. Using words such as "slut," "whore," "skank," etc. to describe women perpetuates misogyny and rape culture. There is no male equivalent for these words, which we never seem to question. The fact that these adjectives are solely feminine objectifies women and when one says them, they are saying women shouldn't have the right to make choices regarding their own body whether that be who they choose to sleep with (or not sleep with) or what they choose to wear. It is also important to realize that slut shaming is a form of bullying. Even if you disagree with a woman's choices, it never gives you the right to put her down for it or call her a derogatory name. Slut shaming is so alive and well in our culture that many young girls have been driven to self harm and suicide because of the vicious bullying their peers have put them through. You aren't helping anyone by calling them a slut.
  3. Rape culture exists. I briefly mentioned rape culture above but I wanted to stress how important of an issue it is. Women Against Violence Against Women defines rape culture as "a termed designed to show the ways in which society blamed victims of sexual assault and normalized male sexual violence." So, basically, rape culture tells victims that it is their responsibility to prevent sexual abuse rather than putting responsibility on the rapists themselves. However, it goes much further than that. Rape culture is what causes an absurdly large number of people to question whether or not victims are telling to truth, it is also tells victims they are asking for their assault because of their attire, reputation, relationship to the offender, where they were, whether or not they have been drinking etc. People often speculate as to why many rapes go unreported even though one in every five women will be sexually assaulted at least once in their life time. When someone is faced with the inevitable possibility that they will be torn apart and blamed for a physically and emotionally traumatizing thing that was inflicted upon them, many would rather try to forget than take action against their abuser, but because of this, most rapists walk free. Rape culture also has a negative effect on men because it ignores that fact that men can be victims of sexual assault. In fact, at least 10% of rape victims in the United States are male. Not to mention the fact that it implies men are unable to control their urges to engage in sexual violence against women, like it is in their nature to rape. Because, news flash, it isn't. rape should never be normalized.
  4. Having sex for the first time ≠ "losing" anything. For men, engaging in sexual activities is "scoring" while for young women, sex is viewed as giving yourself away, being conquered, damaged, or tainted. Virginity is a social construct that objectifies women and teaches them to internalize the false assumption that they are losing a part of themselves when they have sex. Does this mean that many young people aren't mistaken when they rush into a sexual relationship they aren't physically or emotionally ready for? Hell no. But it is wrong to view young women as sexual objects and expect them to think of themselves as such, or to teach young men it is okay to see their female peers in this way.
  5.   It's not just you, your high school dress code really is sexist. I think we all realize that there seems to be a way longer list of what is and isn't deemed appropriate as far as school dress codes go, but the messages it sends are often overlooked. Most of the rules directed towards female students prohibit them from showing off certain parts of their body. This means tank tops, shorts, lower necklines, even leggings and yoga pants, which do cover all of the legs, can be written off as offensive to the dress code because said attire is "distracting" male students and teachers. Not only does this way of thinking turn underage women into sexual objects, but it also sends the message that the girls' education is less important than that of their male peers, because the time missed out of class or embarrassment of being called out, forced to change into a gym uniform (or "highlighter" shirts as my high school loved making us wear, like a modern day "A" on our chests)  is much more distracting than the "inappropriate" attire itself. 
 There are many more insights I've become aware of in my young adulthood but these resonate with me the most. Please comment or share this post if you found it helpful or liked it. Or share your ideas you think I missed out on. I love other people's criticisms. I think I would like to write more blog posts similar to this one, as well as some more beauty ones. Feels good to be out of my writing rut. Have a good day! xx

Thursday, February 6, 2014

January Favorites

I know I didn't post anything last week, y'all and I'm sorry I missed my deadline but in all honesty, I wanted to post my first "Little Black Book Club" and didn't actually finish the book yet.... Oops. But this week I thought I'd give you a monthly favorites post so you can see what I've been into so far this year.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

OOTD: Winter

I hope everyone is having a good snow day off of school, and if you did still have class or work today, I'm sorry! Since I've taken a semester away from school and I was off of work today, I decided to brave the cold to photograph a little outfit of the day for you guys. It was rather difficult to do on my own between the ice, snow, and self timer but you get the point!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Jordyn Suggets: A Spotify Playlist.

I still haven't come up with a clever name for this type of post, but every month I would like to recommend music to my readers because it is a crucial inspiration to almost every aspect of my life and in a way, the culture affiliated with a large chunk of the music that I'm into influences my style, the way I do my makeup, the books I read and the movies I like to watch and many other things I enjoy blogging about. I don't necessarily feel comfortable "reviewing" albums because I always feel odd telling people if a piece of music is good or not. In my honest opinion, if anyone likes a song, it is good, it just may or may not necessarily be something I want to listen to myself and I wouldn't want to discourage anyone who read my blog from supporting a band or an artist because they don't make music that suits my personal preference. Taking that into consideration, I've decided to simply "suggest" music I've been particularly enjoying throughout the month because I'd rather waste my tiny, insignificant space on the internet exposing people to bands I really enjoy rather than to bash the latest Robin Thicke single.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Get The Look: Queen Elsa

Now that it's a new year, I can safely say that Disney's Frozen was one of my favorite films of 2013. I typically enjoy all of the princess movies regardless but I fell absolutely in love with Elsa. Though her younger sister is Frozen's lead protagonist, Elsa, voiced by the phenomenal Idina Menzel, absolutely steals the show. Unlike many other Disney heroines, Queen Elsa has an intentionally "made up" look, which I think is really refreshing because she is also older than the other princess and Elsa is also the only one who possesses magical abilities aside from talking to animals. I feel the animators paid the character a lot of respect by styling her in a plum toned smokey eye and bright lips because she is truly unique in comparison to other female Disney characters. The look is very smoldering and intense because she is a cartoon character so Elsa's features are quite exaggerated. However, I think this could be a very wearable evening or special occasion look, and it was surprisingly simple and fun to recreate!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Autumn/Winter Every Day Makeup Routine

Hello, everyone! As the weather has turned colder, I've made quite a few changes to my makeup routine. Autumn and winter are my favorite time of the year, as it is much more appropriate for me to wear a vampy lip without looking odd. I realize this look may be quite heavy to some, but I have rather oily skin and in order for my makeup to hold up through my entire shift at work, these are the steps I take to achieve a simple but somewhat glamourous every day face

Thursday, December 19, 2013

DIY: Recycled Magazine Wrapping Paper

Hello, everyone! This year I've decided to go pretty low-budget with my wrapping and I'm pretty impressed with the turn out. I know I am not the first one to think of using magazine clippings to wrap gifts, but I thought I'd share my method of going about it. I've found that magazine pages are perfect for wrapping smaller presents and it is a way to make even the presentation of the gift more personal to the person who is receiving it. This is a really simply diy and anyone who has wrapped presents before should be able to get a handle on it. I'm not the best wrapper myself and I am still very happy with the final result of this little project. As I mentioned, choosing the wrap a gift in a specific newspaper, magazine or whatever you choose, gives you the chance to make it more custom to the receiver than traditional wrapping paper. It is also cheap(or free! I only used supplies I already had around the house!) and good for the environment. So, let's get cracking!