Monday, January 20, 2014

Jordyn Suggets: A Spotify Playlist.

I still haven't come up with a clever name for this type of post, but every month I would like to recommend music to my readers because it is a crucial inspiration to almost every aspect of my life and in a way, the culture affiliated with a large chunk of the music that I'm into influences my style, the way I do my makeup, the books I read and the movies I like to watch and many other things I enjoy blogging about. I don't necessarily feel comfortable "reviewing" albums because I always feel odd telling people if a piece of music is good or not. In my honest opinion, if anyone likes a song, it is good, it just may or may not necessarily be something I want to listen to myself and I wouldn't want to discourage anyone who read my blog from supporting a band or an artist because they don't make music that suits my personal preference. Taking that into consideration, I've decided to simply "suggest" music I've been particularly enjoying throughout the month because I'd rather waste my tiny, insignificant space on the internet exposing people to bands I really enjoy rather than to bash the latest Robin Thicke single.

Some "Jordyn Suggests" posts will be like this one, a simple Spotify playlist which will allow y'all to click and skip around and see just what I've been into while others will be more in depth. If I attend a particularly killer show or a band I really like releases a record I've been highly anticipating, you can expect something a lot more content heavy, but since this is the first one, I felt a simple playlist should suffice.

  • Please note that the songs are not ordered according to how much I like them, I just always arrange playlists to be heard as a "whole" so I like to order tracks whichever way I think makes them sound best together.


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