Thursday, February 6, 2014

January Favorites

I know I didn't post anything last week, y'all and I'm sorry I missed my deadline but in all honesty, I wanted to post my first "Little Black Book Club" and didn't actually finish the book yet.... Oops. But this week I thought I'd give you a monthly favorites post so you can see what I've been into so far this year.
1. Naked Skin foundation by Urban Decay
I know this foundation has been out on the market for a while now, but I was in a very committed relationship with my Clinique Stay Matte foundation for a very long time, and to be honest, I'm still very happy with that foundation but it my skin has been relatively nice recently and I wanted to try a high end foundation with more of a medium coverage. I'm definitely very pleased that I decided to try this one. It was $39 at Sephora which is $16 more than I usually spend on the Stay Matte. However, this has just the right amount of coverage I was looking for and the shade 01 is a perfect match for my skin. I have received many compliments on my skin and my makeup since I switched to this foundation and I like that I can use a very small amount and it goes a long way, and the coverage does seem sheer at first but it can be built up very nicely. This is the foundation I used in my Elsa tutorial and I was really happy with the way it held up. My skin is oily to combination so I do need to powder my nose after a few hours but over all, this foundation wears very nicely throughout the day and I would recommend it to all skin types if you're looking for a light to medium coverage foundation.

2. OCC Lip Tar in Black Metal Dhalia
My grandma bought me a Sephora gift card for Christmas and I spent it on a few lip tars as I'd never tried them before and was a bit skeptical and afraid of them. However, I fell absolutely in love with the product and this shade in particular. Black Metal Dhalia is a part of the Moderncraft collection and is described as a "Blackened burgundy with red pearl" When swatched, it looks like a deep berry color with a lot of red microglitter in it but on my lips it really does lean more towards a dark burgundy, almost plum color. Every time I wear this, someone asks what lipstick I have on and I honestly just feel like I could kill a man when I have this stuff on. Even the name is cool. Everyone should be dying to put this stuff on their mouth, basically.

3. Bath & Body Works candles

I bought a bunch of candles from B&BW while they were having their after holiday sale and my two favorites scents were London Calling and Mahogany Teakwood. I know everyone and their mother has raved about Mahogany Teakwood and it really does just smell like a really hot, buff manly man which is how I want my space to smell like all the time. However, London Calling(which, lets face it, originally caught my eye because it's named after an album by The Clash) is the most homey, comforting smell. It smells just like a hot cup of black tea and a hint of lemon so it is a nice mix of fresh and cozy. I love to light this candle when I take a bath and want to relax.

4. "Buy Me A Cameo" nail polish by Essie
I love Essie nail polishes in general but this is lovely rose gold shade, which I know is very on trend right now but it just looks really nice with pale skin, and it wears well. I don't actually paint my nails very often because I have to do dishes a lot at work and it never lasts more than a day or two, but "Buy Me A Cameo" has made me want to have pretty nails more often!

5. drop earrings from Target
I have very sensitive ears and my skin doesn't react kindly to any sort of piercings in general so I often neglect wearing earrings because my ears start to hurt after a while, but these pretty little drop earrings from Target look very classy and make me feel more put together on the days where I can't be bothered to do my hair and just throw it into a bun or ponytail.

6. Kitty mug
I got this kitty cat coffee mug for $1 at Goodwill. I like tea and I like cats. Hence favorite.

7. "Create Your Own Beautiful" brush set
My grandma got me, my mom, my aunt and cousin all the same set of makeup brushes for Christmas. I'm pretty sure she picked them up at Sam's Club but I haven't been able to find anything about the brand online. The powder brush sheds a bit but the brush I like the most is the angled contouring brush because I've actually been getting a lot more into properly contouring my face and facing my fear of bronzer. The foundation brush is very nice too and I liked it with my Clinique Stay Matte because it is a bit thicker but I haven't been using it as much since I like applying the Naked Skin with my fingers(don't judge me!)

8. Pentimento's self titled record
This was actually released back in November 2013 but I've just really been enjoying this album for the past month or so. Pentimento play really good Pop Punkso  if you like Real Friends, Turnover or Living With Lions you will probably get into this band very quickly. Actually, you probably already are. But in case you have never given them a listen I will link the Spotify page for this album here. My favorite tracks are "The Bridge" and "No One Lets You Know." Now go listen to them after you've finished reading this blog post.

9. "Metal And Dust" by London Grammar

London Grammar are an Indie group from the UK who I've been super into lately "Metal And Dust" was on their debut album If You Wait which is reallylovely as a whole but this song in particular makes me think that if Ellie Goulding and Daughter had a baby it would be London Grammar and it just gives me all the good feels so I wanted to sort of give it an "honorable mention" so I could give the readers who aren't Pop Punk fans something sweet for their ears too.
9. Timer
Timer is an indie film released in 2009 that I recently watched on Netflix and I think it puts a really good spin on the more traditional idea of a Romantic Comedy. The film is set in the near future in the United States, where the majority of people age 14 or older have a "timer" planted into their wrist, the timer counts down to the exact moment its wearer will meet their soulmate, but it only works if both soulmates are wearing an activated timer, so when they see each other for the first time, the timers chime and they know they've met "the one." This isn't the best movie I've ever seen but I found the concept very interesting and the message of the film was incredibly insightful and I would definitely recommend it for anyone who likes slightly heavier comedies and binge watching on Netflix. Timer isn't exactly a love story either so I don't think the boys would be too bored watching it, although the most of the primary characters are female. I would give it 3 and a half stars if I had to put a number on it.

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