Thursday, December 19, 2013

DIY: Recycled Magazine Wrapping Paper

Hello, everyone! This year I've decided to go pretty low-budget with my wrapping and I'm pretty impressed with the turn out. I know I am not the first one to think of using magazine clippings to wrap gifts, but I thought I'd share my method of going about it. I've found that magazine pages are perfect for wrapping smaller presents and it is a way to make even the presentation of the gift more personal to the person who is receiving it. This is a really simply diy and anyone who has wrapped presents before should be able to get a handle on it. I'm not the best wrapper myself and I am still very happy with the final result of this little project. As I mentioned, choosing the wrap a gift in a specific newspaper, magazine or whatever you choose, gives you the chance to make it more custom to the receiver than traditional wrapping paper. It is also cheap(or free! I only used supplies I already had around the house!) and good for the environment. So, let's get cracking!

  • Presents(duh)
  • Magazine pages (I used newsletters from Sephora and Modcloth)
  • Scissors
  • Clear tape
  • Otional: Small gift boxes & ribbon(I got 3 for $1 at Target)
Then all you have to do is choose which pages you want for each gift and start wrapping just as you would with traditional wrapping paper! Since one of my presents was an unusual shape and didn't come in its own box, I simply placed it in a small gift box and decorated it with a red ribbon.

And there you have it! feel free to decorate the wrapped gifts with ribbons and bows, I didn't have enough ribbons when I did mine but will be adding them later. I hope you guys liked this post, I've never done anything like it before! For another little wrapping tip, I separated the three Soap & Glory body butters so I could add them on the three people's gifts instead of giving them all to one person, but I kept the box so I could stick a couple extra surprises in one of them. I'm really happy with the way my gift wrap ended up looking so feel free to comment with any other input/ ideas!


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