Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Music Wednesday? Top Albums of 2013

2013 has definitely been a huge year for music; I for one am particularly astounded by the diverse variety of records I've acquired over the past year. I must admit, I am especially impressed with a few albums in particular, however, it was still difficult to narrow my list down to 13. 2013 also held a few blunders in the music world that left me mildly disappointed(Dear Fall Out Boy, why did you do that thing you did!?). Nevertheless, for the sake of keeping this blog post form becoming a monotonous novel, I am going to keep the list of my favorites short and sweet. I will also link a Spotify playlist featuring my favorite tracks of the year from each album. Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below with your music favorites as well!

11. Paramore by Paramore

Favorite track: "Hate To See Your Heart Break"
Rating: ***

10. Lightning Bolt by Pearl Jam
Favorite Track: "Yellow Moon"
Rating: ****

9. This Is How The Wind Shifts by Silverstein
Favorite Track: "Departures"
Rating: ***

8. Modern Vampires of the City by Vampire Weekend
Favorite Track: "Don't Lie"
Rating: *****

7. Currents by Eisley
Favorite Track: "Wicked Child"
Rating: ***

6. If You Leave by Daughter
Favorite Track: "Smother"
Rating: ****

5. The Things We Think We're Missing by Balance & Composure
Favorite Track: "Keepsake"
Rating: ****

4. Two of a Crime by Perma
Favorite Track: "The Bat and the Cave"
Rating: ***

3. Damage by Jimmy Eat World
Favorite Track: "You Were Good"
Rating: ****

2. Prism by Katy Perry
Favorite Track: "Dark Horse(Feat. Juicy J)
Rating: *****

1. My Shame Is True by Alkaline Trio
Favorite Track: "I'm Only Here To Disappoint"
 Rating: *****

Best of 2013 Playlist

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